Work Place Services

Reasons to use Eton Chiropractic Clinic for Work Place Problems:

In Great Britain, in 2014/15, there were 553,000 reported cases of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (bad backs etc) causing the loss of 9.5 million working days.

This represents 40% of all days lost through all illnesses at work!

Of these, 233,000 cases or almost 3 million days were lost through back injuries alone!

If this sounds familiar and is causing you work place problems, please talk to us.



We Have the Solution:

We will work alongside your appointed DSE Assessor to conduct an ergonomic work place assessment at your offices and submit a report recommending all Chiropractic changes to minimise future injuries and lost working days.

In addition, we offer a full remedial Chiropractic service for current sufferers at your place of work or at the clinic.

If this is of interest…….,

We would be pleased to attend your offices and describe in detail our work place services.

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